Roooaaar Pudererythrit

Roooaaar Pudererythrit

Powdered erythritol, zero calorie confectioners' sugar
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For healthy snacks and treats

Calling all those with a sweet tooth! Made of powdered erythritol, Roooaaar Sugar by Shileo lets you enjoy a sweet treat while sticking to a calorie-reduced diet. Its fine structure and solubility make this product an all-rounder in the kitchen, ideal for baking or decorating. As it is 70% as sweet as sugar yet free of calories, the sugar substitute is also popular with diabetics. Content: 500 g.
  • Vegan
  • Carb-free
  • Zero-calorie
  • Sugar-free
  • Tooth-friendly
  • 100% natural
* Contains sweeteners

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7.95 per pouch (ea. 500g)
Incl. 7% VAT, excl. shipping corresponds to €1.59 per 100g
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Used to sweeten food and drink, it tastes almost exactly like sugar - but without the calories. Finely granulated and highly soluble. As it has about 70% the sweetness of sugar, you will need to adjust the quantity used for baking, glazes or desserts. 1g of Shileo Roooaaar Sugar is roughly equal to 0.7g of regular confectioners' sugar with a glycemic index of 0. Ideal for all low-carb and keto diets.

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Natural Sweetener Erythritol (E968) 100%

Full product details

Per 100g
of which
of which sugar
of which poly-
hydric alcohols

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To ensure your confidence in our product
We put every Shileo meal together by hand in Berlin, with the utmost care and the highest quality standards

This product is:

Low carb
This poduct contains less than 1 g carbs per 100g prepared.
Fully vegan
Our products do not contain animal-based ingredients.
No artificial coloring or flavor enhancers
100% natural. We avoid using anything but the essentials in this product.
Gluten free
This product does not contain any type of grain and is suitable for gluten intolerance sufferers.
Allergen free
This product does not contain any allergens as per EU Directive 45/2013 5
GMO free
Because who would want that?
No additives
100% natural. We avoid using anything but the essentials in this product.

This product is not:

Organic (no)
We work with organic ingredients whenever possible. Our goal is to be certified fully organic in the near future.
Kosher / Halal certified (no)
As a startup company, the costs of obtaining this certification are too high at present.
Fully local (no)
The konjac plant only grows in tropical regions of South East Asia.
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