Roooaaar Vanille Zucker

Roooaaar Vanille Zucker

Finely ground powdered erythritol with real Bourbon vanilla
5 stars
4.9 out of 5

For perfect, sugar-free pancakes and waffles, time after time

The perfect alternative to conventional vanilla sugar. Whether for Christmas cookie dough or fruity summer desserts, the sugar-free vanilla confectioners' sugar is a staple of any low-carb kitchen.

Calorie-free, vegan, no artificial flavors, with real Bourbon vanilla. Content: 180 g.
  • Sugar-free
  • Carb-reduced
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Low-calorie
  • No artificial flavors
* Contains sweeteners

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7.95 per pouch (ea. 180g)
Incl. 7% VAT, excl. shipping corresponds to €4.42 per 100g
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Use the vanille erythritol to sweeten baked goods, fresh fruit or desserts
Preparation as a pudding: lightly heat 500 ml milk or vegetable milk substitute such as almond milk. Stir in 42g powder and bring to the boil while stirring. Simmer gently for 1-2 minutes, stirring constantly. Pour the pudding into ramekins that have been rinsed in cold water and turn out when completely cold. Preparation as a mousse: mix 42 g powder with 350 ml whole milk or cream and whip until frothy (use max. 300 ml for milk substitutes). Then pour the crème into a bowl and chill for approx. 1h. Stir again until smooth before serving and enjoy. If made with cream, the crème is also suitable as a filling or topping for cakes and pastries.


Sweetener: erythritol, natural vanilla flavouring, bourbon vanilla (0.5%)

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Per 100g
(dry, baking mix)
of which
of which sugar
of which poly-
hydric alcohols

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This product is:

Low carb
This poduct contains less than 1 g carbs per 100g prepared.
Fully vegan
Our products do not contain animal-based ingredients.
No artificial coloring or flavor enhancers
100% natural. We avoid using anything but the essentials in this product.
Gluten free
This product does not contain any type of grain and is suitable for gluten intolerance sufferers.
Allergen free
This product does not contain any allergens as per EU Directive 45/2013 5
GMO free
Because who would want that?
No additives
100% natural. We avoid using anything but the essentials in this product.

This product is not:

Organic (no)
We work with organic ingredients whenever possible. Our goal is to be certified fully organic in the near future.
Kosher / Halal certified (no)
As a startup company, the costs of obtaining this certification are too high at present.
Fully local (no)
The konjac plant only grows in tropical regions of South East Asia.
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