Hello lovely readers!

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Hello there, Shileo reader!

I’ve been discussing starting this blog with Cyrille, my co-founder, for a long time. I’ve decided to commit to once a week, delivering to you lively-written, useful information about what we’re up to, and of course about our products.

Look forward to recipes, special offers, and informative articles about the health promoting benefits of konjak, as well as feedback from you, our wonderful customers :)

So here I sit here in the 35 degree heat in our Berlin-based co-working space, gathering topics to share with you! As founders, it’s really not too difficult with the huge array of experiences that we’re having to bring you our extraordinary product!

Of course we’re always open to any feedback or suggestions you may have so please drop us a message to and I’ll do what I can to incorporate your requests!

Wishing you all the best,
Your Anja

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