Fair Prices

Again and again we are asked why our prices are so expensive in contrast to conventional products. We would like to answer this question as transparently as possible.

Raw material

Our raw material konjac is obtained from the konjac plant. However, this plant only grows in Asia and is more expensive to produce than wheat.


We could have our products produced cheaply in China, but we want to deliver the highest possible quality and have the products produced according to EU regulations and invest in regular laboratory tests.

Transport routes

Due to the fact that konjac only grows in Asia, we currently have our noodles and rice produced in Indonesia. The transport routes to Germany alone cost more money this way.

Staff and team

After our products arrive in Germany, they are filled by a workshop for the disabled in Berlin and the packaging is lovingly labelled and shipped.

Personal support

We are a small team answering all your questions, taking care of new recipe ideas and coming up with new exciting products.

Sustainable packaging

We use recyclable packaging made of mono plastic for our pasta and rice. This means that they can be completely disposed of and recycled in the yellow bag.

Climate neutral shipping

Our packages are shipped CO2 neutral.

Social contribution

For each package sold, we invest in social projects, such as planting trees.


At first glance, our products seem more expensive than comparable konjac products. However, if you compare the prepared state of the products, you will be pleased to see that our noodles/rice are three times the amount.
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